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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photos of my 80's era computer collection

Finished picture of my Apple 1 replica. I wished I took some more as I built of the kit. The Obtronix Apple 1 clone included the unpopulated circuit board, period correct ICs, resistors and capacitors. Everything else I had to build or source from the Internet. I did splurge on sockets for the ICs since I didn't want to solder them directly to the board and on a Compact Flash interface seen expansion port on the motherboard. You can see my post about the build here.

Apple IIe - I used these throughout grade and high school. In high school I self-taught myself Pascal using an old manual the high school had stuffed in the back of a file cabinet. [wiki]

Apple Macintosh Plus with 20MB hard drive- I used a model like this for two years in yearbook class in high school. I used PageMaker to do the yearbook layout. The files were saved to floppy and mailed to the yearbook publisher. [Mac Plus wiki] [PageMaker wiki]

Coleco Adam - I used this system for a few years in the early-mid 80's. Many hours of playing Buck Rodger and Zaxxon. When not playing games I was programming with SmartBasic and writing out book reports using SmartWriter and printing them on the very loud daisy wheel printer (not pictured). [wiki]

Commodore 128 - This is my favorite 80's home computer. I remember spending many hours of typing programs from COMPUTE! magazine. [wiki]

C16 & Plus/4 - Here are the two little known Commodore systems sold in the US. The Vic20, C64 and C128 were the celebrities. Before the C128 I prefered these because they had a newer Basic version with more capabilities. I also learned assembly on the C16 (above). I used the C16 to write a lap counting program for my local R/C car club in Klamath Falls. Unfortunaly the Basic interperter could not keep up with the button presses of the custom button box my dad built and interfaced to the joystick port so I had my Basic program peek and poke to my custom assembly routines to catch button presses. [C16 wiki] [Plus/4 wiki]

TS1000 & TI-99/4A - The Timex was the first computer that I actually owned. I used it in the early 80's and was the system where I learned Basic. I really couldn't do much but I do remember Christmas '83 where my parents bought me the 16K RAM expansion pack and the Flight Simulator game cassette. Many hours of trying to fly a plane whose cockpit was rendered using its 32 column x 24 line resolution. In 4th grade my teacher had a TI-99/4A in the classroom. I didn't do much with it besides play Hunt the Wumpus whenever I didn't go out for recess. For those eagle eye people - note the first Microsoft Pocket PC, Casio Cassiopeia above the TI-99/4A. [TS1000 wiki] [TI-99/4A wiki] [Cassiopeia wiki]

Part of my 80's computer collection. Things not mentioned before are Adam Smart Cassettes, Colecovison Games, an original Palm Pilot and Nintendo Game Boy. [Palm Pilot wiki] [Game Boy wiki]

Another photo of my 80's computer collection. On the floor are another Apple IIe, Apple II Plus, and loads of Apple II games and software I haven't put on display yet. Also an Atari Game Center storage container for an Atari 2600. Also note an Apple ImageWriter under the Macintosh Plus. [Apple II Plus wiki] [ImageWriter wiki] 

Around '82 my parents bought an Intellivision game console. [wiki]

No 80's electronic collection is complete without an Atari 2600 sitting on a shelf. [wiki]

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