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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo log of my Apple 1 replcia build

Unboxing the Obtronix Apple 1 clone kit

Woot... after troubleshooting a bad voltage supply I finally have video portion of the replica kit working. Now on to the CPU side but I need to build the keyboard interface first.

Woot#2 Got the keyboard interface done and plugged in the chips for the CPU side of the Apple 1. My old Apple II keyboard has some bad keys but I was able to get the Woz Monitor to come up and run the ASCII test program. On to fix the bad keys.
Finished picture of my Apple 1 replica. I wished I took some more as I built of the kit. The Obtronix Apple 1 exact clone included the unpopulated circuit board, period correct ICs, resistors and capacitors. Everything else I had to build or source from the Internet. I did splurge on sockets for the ICs since I didn't want to solder them directly to the board and on a Compact Flash interface seen expansion port on the motherboard.

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